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gimme some slash, bismillâh!!!

No feeling can be wrong as long as you know what to do with it

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My reaction to the klainers reactions after BIOTA
I don't use lj a lot, but the things i've read after the last Glee ep are really bothering me, so ...

Here is my rant:
I have no issue whatsoever with BIOTA, it's one of my favourite ep, but i have LOTS of issues with people's reactions!
First of all, why does everything got to be such a big deal?!!!! seriously, i'd like for some klainers to take a deep breathe and cool down.
About the fight, like i said earlier, i really enjoyed it cause:
_look at their faces, you only get this upset when you really care about the person you are arguing with!!
_I don't want Klaine to be a couple if they only stay together for a few ep, lke it's the case with most of ND's couples. I think the big difference here is that we're gonna deal with real feelings of love, not just infatuation, and i couldn't be happier with the direction their relationship is taking.

Also, i totally understand both side of the argument, and i don't see the point in putting the blame on only one of them. I think Blaine has every right to be upset when his (apparently) only true friend isn't supportive at the time he needs him the most, and i understand how much Kurt must have been freaked out by the whole situation (loosing another guy to Rachel, loosing his role model and maybe being the only gay kid all over again is pretty heavy in my book!!).
SO yeah, he was selfish, and Blaine was out of line when he compared Kurt to Karofsky, but damn, everyone is bitching about the inconsistence of the writing, and when the characters actully act like 16 years old, everyone gets angry??? i don't follow you fandom, really..
I'm pissed at Rachel, the "who cares about you" line was... aweful imo. But i'm still rooting for Hummelberry and anderberry friendship!!
Last thing: i've been astonished by the people claiming that bisexuality doesn't exist... i've dated both guys and girl, been with a guuy for 5 years, am now in a relationship with a woman and perfectly happy with her, so... confused here... does that mean i don't exist??

Wow, i actually feel a lot better now! xDD
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Book meme
johnny cash DT

Day 02 - A book or series you wish more people were reading and talking about:

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Here is the official link to learn more about DT:


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Book meme

I meant to do this meme for a while now, so here we go!


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Chrismas is coming soon!!
johnny cash DT
Hiya everyone,
earlier today janie_tangerine post an entry on her lj, and since i think it's a pretty
good idea i'm shamelessly stealing it...
Basically, i'd like to send a Xmas card to all of you who's interested!
Nothing fancy, but just alittle thingie to make all warmand fuzzy and full of love
and all those chrismas stupid feelings XD.

So if you want one just send me your address at:
sevvy23 at hotmail dot fr

Lotta love XD

To celebrate the pure awsomeness that was this week supernatural's epi, "Week-end at Bobby's", here are a bunch of wallpapers. Feel free to grab them!

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Almost ashamed, but not really...
johnny cash DT
I just bought a bottle of whisky. Okay, so i enjoy whisky, that's not a crime, right?
But truth be told... i bought this particular bottle cause the name is
Winchester! I know, i know i just be more careful with the money, etc, and
i usually am but com'on... A.CANANDIAN.WHISKY.
Gonna get myself a little drink now( it's 6.50pm here), and relax, waiting for
Cas. Tomorrow. Yes!!!

I'm baaaaack!!!!

Hi there!!!
Yes i know, it's been ages since the last time i posted... i don't even have an excuse except for live itself.
I've been pretty busy. I lost my job, then found another. I fell in love. I saw my dad fight like a tiger, i saw him
never giving up, and yesterday, finally, he left the hospital for good. Of course he is still paralysed, he won't
ever walk again, but after 6 months he's back home, with his family, where he belongs. I call it a victory,
thank you very much!
Recently i fell into some new fandoms:
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And fell back into oldies, like the Dark Tower. Read more...Collapse )
So yeah, much ado about nothing, i know... but you know what, flist? i missed everyone of you  ;)


I hope i'm not wrong, cause, you know, it could be embarrassing lol, but i think
that today is comasisters 's birthday...

Je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire miss, plein de bonheur, de cadeaux, de potes et de famille, allez, un peu d'alcool quand meme, du chocolat, et... tout ce dont tu peux avoir envie!!!
gros bisous!!!

So dude, i don't know if i'm dreaming or what...
but about two hours ago my wonderful, wonderful girlfriend jomel10 
who is lucky enough to be in NYC right now called me on the phone
and told me, "there is someone here who wants to say hi..."


Or rather, i listen to him while i was busy dying from happiness, lol!
Anyway, i don't remember half of what he told me, except, "enchanté",
"i wish you were here", "it's too bad you can't be here", "we'll do it again
and you gotta be there next time" and "talk to you soon"...

Thanks jomel10  i love you so fucking much!!!!