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My reaction to the klainers reactions after BIOTA
I don't use lj a lot, but the things i've read after the last Glee ep are really bothering me, so ...

Here is my rant:
I have no issue whatsoever with BIOTA, it's one of my favourite ep, but i have LOTS of issues with people's reactions!
First of all, why does everything got to be such a big deal?!!!! seriously, i'd like for some klainers to take a deep breathe and cool down.
About the fight, like i said earlier, i really enjoyed it cause:
_look at their faces, you only get this upset when you really care about the person you are arguing with!!
_I don't want Klaine to be a couple if they only stay together for a few ep, lke it's the case with most of ND's couples. I think the big difference here is that we're gonna deal with real feelings of love, not just infatuation, and i couldn't be happier with the direction their relationship is taking.

Also, i totally understand both side of the argument, and i don't see the point in putting the blame on only one of them. I think Blaine has every right to be upset when his (apparently) only true friend isn't supportive at the time he needs him the most, and i understand how much Kurt must have been freaked out by the whole situation (loosing another guy to Rachel, loosing his role model and maybe being the only gay kid all over again is pretty heavy in my book!!).
SO yeah, he was selfish, and Blaine was out of line when he compared Kurt to Karofsky, but damn, everyone is bitching about the inconsistence of the writing, and when the characters actully act like 16 years old, everyone gets angry??? i don't follow you fandom, really..
I'm pissed at Rachel, the "who cares about you" line was... aweful imo. But i'm still rooting for Hummelberry and anderberry friendship!!
Last thing: i've been astonished by the people claiming that bisexuality doesn't exist... i've dated both guys and girl, been with a guuy for 5 years, am now in a relationship with a woman and perfectly happy with her, so... confused here... does that mean i don't exist??

Wow, i actually feel a lot better now! xDD
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Yeah I REALLY don't get why people are blaming Blaine and Blaine alone for the argument. Kurt is just as much at fault because he was being quite unreasonable/not supportive of his friend/etc. Yes, Blaine's Karofsky comment was out of line and I can see why people got upset over it but let's not forget that Kurt was out of line too people!

Honestly the only thing I didn't like about the episode was the party scene but that's mostly because I was never into that sort of thing in high school/don't really understand what people find appealing about drinking that much/etc so it was just a for me. BUT. I LOVE the fact that there is so much development going into Kurt and Blaine's relationship; it's slow going, layers to both of them are being shown, and it just feels like something that isn't going to be a Sam/Quinn or something like that. It feels like a whole lot more.

I have to agree with you on the Rachel aspect....She totally annoyed me. I loved the fight, it was very moving and well played. I don't think we are done with the fall out from that... I am looking forward to see how they move forward. I think the writers are moving toward a lasting relatonship...

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