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I'm baaaaack!!!!

Hi there!!!
Yes i know, it's been ages since the last time i posted... i don't even have an excuse except for live itself.
I've been pretty busy. I lost my job, then found another. I fell in love. I saw my dad fight like a tiger, i saw him
never giving up, and yesterday, finally, he left the hospital for good. Of course he is still paralysed, he won't
ever walk again, but after 6 months he's back home, with his family, where he belongs. I call it a victory,
thank you very much!
Recently i fell into some new fandoms:
                        _ Supernatural  has pretty much been my life since my girlfriend introduced me to the wonders
of Dean Winchester and his hawt, hawt angel Castiel. Jensen and Misha are just incredibly talenyed and so
freaking gorgeous i can't understand i didn't start to watch this show earlier... and i really think the character
of Dean Winchester is one of the most interesting i ever saw.

                      _ Sherlock BBC   blew my mind like nothing did in a long time. I was a bit unsure about a nowaday
Sherlock, but god was it brilliant!!! i loved every character, Sherlock, John, Jim (Jim? Jim from the hospital??), Mycroft,
Lestrade... just brilliant, really!! I can't even tell you how hard it is to wait for some new epis!!!

                     _ White Collar  or as i like to call it, the slashiest het show i ever saw: i am completely unable to see
Neal and Peter talk to each other, or even look at each other without my gaydar getting all crazy, really!!! And for the
first time i have an OT3: Neal/Peter/El FTW!!!!!

And fell back into oldies, like the Dark Tower. Oh, DT has never been far from my heart, since i'm pretty sure i never
have and never will love a fictional character the way i love Eddie Dean, but between KIng about to write a new book
in the series and the Talk about the adaptation, i feel like my beloved universe is more alive than ever. And for the record,
i don't know if i'm happy or pissed about the adaptation... for now, let's say i'm curious and a bit worried, ok?

So yeah, much ado about nothing, i know... but you know what, flist? i missed everyone of you  ;)


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