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So dude, i don't know if i'm dreaming or what...
but about two hours ago my wonderful, wonderful girlfriend jomel10 
who is lucky enough to be in NYC right now called me on the phone
and told me, "there is someone here who wants to say hi..."


Or rather, i listen to him while i was busy dying from happiness, lol!
Anyway, i don't remember half of what he told me, except, "enchanté",
"i wish you were here", "it's too bad you can't be here", "we'll do it again
and you gotta be there next time" and "talk to you soon"...

Thanks jomel10  i love you so fucking much!!!!

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(Deleted comment)
Seconded, thirded, and fourthed that! So happy for you web sistah!

wowww this is so damn amazing, best thing on earth!!!!!

That is f**cking awesome, honey!

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